“Will work for… my cooking?”

The state of Oregon is ranked 3rd in the nation for “hungriest states” according to a report done by channel 9 news of Eugene, Oregon. With so many people in our own community that do not know where their next meal will come from, my communicating sustainability class decided to formulate and solve a brief regarding this issue in Eugene. Along with four MBA students, in half an hour we came up with a quick simple plan to change the culture of those who struggle to find food.

What if we created an event around feeding the less fortunate and using local resources to cause change by changing how the hungry view food and cooking. What if after every farmers market, an allotted amount of food is donated for the hungry people to cook afterward. The city and farmers would provide the cooking utensils, food and clean cooking area in order for the people in need to come cook. We think that inviting local chefs each week to come aid the people  would create a fun and healthy atmosphere for people to come and be able to learn about cooking. This strategy empowers people which is a great way to cause change. The event would give people a new appreciation for food and teach them cooking skills with healthy and available food, as opposed to having their food cooked in masses by volunteers in food shelters. It would inspire creativity and could be a meal that people really look forward every week. The state of Oregon has done a lot to try to solve this problem but I believe the problem needs to be solved by cultural change and not just by opening another food bank.


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