Captain Planet needs a comeback

In our communicating sustainability class we have discussed strategies to teach children about sustainability and making the world a better place. Ideas about more classes, mentor programs, or more school gardens were always the immediate answers. I think that bringing back the popular 90’s superhero, Captain Planet, would instill environmental responsibility values in children. The show is based on five teenagers with special powers related to a function of nature: earth, wind, water, fire, and heart. When they five teens need help they call upon Captain Planet to come save the day. Throughout the entire show their is an underlying message about sustainability concluding in a direct message from Captain Planet about how they can be more environmentally friendly. Everybody knows how much children love superheros and TV shows. Captain Planet is a role model and hero in the eyes of our youth, and to my knowledge there is no children action show with a environmental focus. I think if  Captain Planet made a comeback with a stronger underlying theme of sustainability, it would increase the awareness and excitement that our youth have about making the world a better place. The first clip is the intro followed by the first part of the first episode. The second clip is the closing scene from episode one where the characters speak directly to the audience about sustainability.

The power is yours!!!!



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