Communicating Sustainablity wrap-up

I have never  taken a class throughout my years in school that has changed my values as much as Communicating Sustainability from Deb Morrison at the University of Oregon. When I enrolled in the class I did not know what sustainability really meant nor did I care about  environmental responsibility. After amazing speeches, class research and the recognition of our ability to cause cultural change, I consider sustainability one of my core values. This experience has taught me to challenge the norm and think outside when it comes to solving the problem of making the world better for everybody. Society gets caught up in the “green” movement, however society needs to learn about “blue”. Blue is a new idea of a broader range of sustainability including social and cultural sustainability along with environmental awareness. I will continue to learn about sustainability in my Chemistry of Sustainability class next term where I can learn some of the science the subject. Posted below is a popular video to end the term that many people have already seen but I feel young professionals and students should watch everyday. I believe this inspiring video is a powerful example of communicating social, cultural and personal  sustainability.


One response to “Communicating Sustainablity wrap-up

  1. Bryan: I really appreciate the takeaways you have for the class and for the idea of sustainability. The real proof for all of us — I learned so much also — is how much we do, support, advocate for in the the future. Can we really make a difference even with the few ideas we’ve started here?
    Onward we go. dkm

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